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Denon DJ mixer

Soundcraft Folio 8+2-2

Soundcraft M12 12+4-2

Allen & Heath GL2200 24 - 4 - 2


QSC PLX 1104 Amp, 2 x 550W(4Ohm) Or 2 x 325W(8Ohm)

QSC PLX 2402 Amp, 2 x 700W (4Ohm) Or 2 x 425W (8Ohm)

QSC PLX 1602 Amp, 2 x 500W (4Ohm) Or 2 x 300W (8Ohm)

QSC PLX 3402, 2 x 1100W (4Ohm) Or 2 x 700W (8Ohm)

PAM Mixer-Amp 100V Line 120W 5 Inputs

Passive Speakers

DAS R-215 1000W (per pair)

DAS ST18 Sub Bass (per pair)

Active Speakers

QSC K8 1000W Powered Speaker (ea)

QSC K10 1000W Powered Speaker (ea)

QSC K12 1000W Powered Speaker (ea)


QSC KW153 1000W Powered Speaker (ea)

QSC KW181 1000W Powered Sub Speaker (ea)

Playback, Recording and Effects

Denon DN1000F Single CD Player

Denon DN4000F Twin CD Player

Denon DN-630 / DCD635 Single CD Player

Denon Mini Disc Recorder/Player

31 Band Stereo Graphic

Yamaha SPX990 Dig Sound Process

Wired Mics

Mic Shure SM58 Vocal Mic

Mic Shure SM57

Mic Shure Beta 57

Mic Shure 55SH-2 1960S Lookalike

Mic Shure SM81

Shure MX412 Microflex Gooseneck 12"

Shure MX418 Microflex Gooseneck 18"

Mic. Ev. 308. (Bass Drum)

Mic. Crown PCC160 Boundary Mic

Mic. Sennheiser 825S Handmic

Mic. Sennheiser 845S Handmic

Mic. Sennheiser MKE 80R Gun

Mic. Sennheiser MD421

Mic. AKG C414B-ULS

Mic. AKG S300B + CK91 Capsule

Wireless Mics

UHF Radio Mic Single System Trantec S5.5

UHF Radio Mic 4 Way System Trantec S5.5

UHF Radio Mic 8 Way System Trantec S5.3

Trantec LP2 Lapel Mic

Trantec TS22 Headband Mic (Black)

Trantec TS22 Headband Mic (Flesh)

Trantec TS55 Lapel Mic (Black)

Trantec TS55 Lapel Mic (Flesh)

Sennheiser MKE2 Lapel Mic (Flesh)

Trantec TS259 Lapel Mic (Black)

Cables & Adaptors

2M XLR-XLR Mic Lead

5M XLR-XLR Mic Lead

10M XLR-XLR Mic Lead

25M XLR-XLR Mic Lead

2M Speaker Lead Speakon - Speakon

10M Speaker Lead Speakon - Speakon

25M Speaker Lead Speakon - Speakon



Active Direct Injection Box


If you require audio adaptors/convertors please ask as we have a wide range available

P.A. Equipment

Addabox Courier Shoulder Held Battery Powered PA

Addabox Announcer Stand Alone Battery Powered PA

Addabox Radio Ranger Stand Alone Battery Powered PA

Speakers Outdoor 100V 20W Column (Per Pair)

Speakers Outdoor 100V 30W Horn Speaker (Per Pair)


Small Tripod Table Mic Stand

Banqueting Mic Stand C/W Boom Arm

Standard Microphone Stand

Boom Arm To Go With Micstand

Table Mic Stand

Stand Mic Round Base

Comms Equipment

Tecpro Talkback Power Supply

Tecpro Talkback Master Station

Tecpro Talkback Belt Pack & Head Set

Tecpro Talkback Dual Channel Beltpack & Head Set

Tecpro Radio Interface

Stonewood Loud Speaker Outstation

HME Dx200 Wireless Talkback Sys (4 Head Sets)

Digital Wireless Comms Sys Add Belt Pks ea

Two Way PMR Radio Units ea

Music Stands

Music Stand With 1 Light

Conductor Stand With 2 Lights


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