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1M of 48mm Alloy Bar  
1.5M of 48mm Alloy Bar  
2M of 48mm Alloy Bar  
3M of 48mm Alloy Bar  
4M of 48mm Alloy Bar  
6M  of 48mm Alloy Bar  

2.4m 6 Way Internally Wired Lighting Bar  


Litec 0.1M QX Box Truss  
Litec 0.25M QX Box Truss  
Litec 0.5M QX Box Truss  
Litec 1.0M QD Box Truss  
Litec 1.5M QD Box Truss  
Litec 2.0M QD Box Truss  
Litec 3.0M QD Box Truss  
Litec 3.0M QX Box Truss  
Litec Multi Way Corner Box Truss  
Litec Base Plate Box Truss (1M Sq)  
Litec QD Fly Tower 6.0M High (priced each)  
Litec QD Fly Tower 9.5M High (priced each)  

Prolite XD40 H.Duty Box Truss 4M Length  

Astralite 600MM Length Truss  
Astralite Truss 1.0M Length  
Astralite Truss 1.5M Length  
Astralite Truss 2.0M Length  
Astralite Truss 2.5M Length  
Astralite Truss 3.0M Length  
Astralite Base Plate  
Astralite 2Way Corner Apex Out  
Astralite 3Way Corner Apex Up  
Astralite 2Way 120Deg Corner  
Astralite Truss Tee Unit  
Truss Outrigger  


Followspot Braced Stand. (0.9M - 1.5M)  
Floor Or Bench Stand. (0.11Metres) H Type  
Floor Or Bench Stand Hookclamp Type  
Floor Or Bench Stand Tripod Type  
Basic Lighting Stand (1.33M - 2.66M)  
Basic Lighting Stand (1.33M - 2.66M) Black  
Braced Stand C/W Wheels (1.18M - 2.2M)  
Tall Braced Lighting Stand. (1.5M - 3.8M)  
Wind-Up Tall Stand. (1.67M - 3.05M)  
Wind-Up Zenith Stand (620R) 2.1M - 6.23M - 200Kg  
Wind-Up Zenith Stand (620T) 1.9M - 6.10M - 200Kg  
Wind-Up Strata Stand (515R) 1.85M - 5.34M - 150Kg  
Wind-Up Strata Stand (515T) 1.73M - 5.22M - 150Kg  
Stand Tank Trap Base 48Mm Tube  

General Rigging Items

Spigot.: 3/8", 1/2", M 10, M 12  
Hook Clamp 48mm Standard  
Hook Clamp 48mm Bar. Heavy Duty  
Hook Clamp 48mm Double Ended  
Truss Adapter For Wind Up Stands  
Big Ben Bar Adapter  
Hanging Iron  
Hanging Iron With Ring  
Scaffold Clamp Fixed  
Scaffold Clamp Swivel  
Boom Arm Straight  
Boom Arm With Twist  
Sky Hook & Rigging Clamp  
Stage Brace 3 Mtr Extended  
12.5Kg. Stage Weight  
Internal Bar Coupler  
External Bar Coupler  
Tv Spigot Adp  
Tv Spigot Bar Clamp  
Marquee Kader Clamp (With Ring)  
Road Crossing Cable Ramp Unit 900mm 5 Channel  
Road Crossing Cable Ramp Unit 900mm 2 Channel  
1 Tonne Chain Hoist 10M  
1M Black Steel 1.28T  
1.9M Black Steel 1.28T  
3M Black Steel 1.28T  
Shackle 1.0T  
Shackle 1.5T  
Shackle 2.0T  
Shackle 3.25T  
Soft Round Sling 2.0M Black  
Soft Round Sling 3.0M Black  
Soft Round Sling 4.0M Black  
Soft Round Sling 6.0M Black  


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