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Package Deals

Here at KAVE we have created some package deals that have been put together to make choosing your equipment easier and save you money, of course you can all ways add extras to the basic packages, please ask for details.

Lighting Packages

Mini Pack 6 Way (2 profiles, 4 fresnels, 2 stands, dimmers + desk)

Mini Pack 12 Way (4 profiles, 8 fresnels, 4 stands dimmers + desk)

LED Band Pack 6 LED PAR64 with 2 stands and controller

LED Band Pack+ 9 LED PAR64 with 3 stands and controller

Dance Lighting Package (2 stands, 4 tank traps & 2m bars, 12 x 650w Fresnels, 6 dimmers, desk & cables)

Party Pack 1a/b 4 x SCX500 scanners with stands or truss

Party Pack 2a/b 4 x SCX500 scanners, 2 x Mania FX2 with stands or truss

Party Pack 3 4 x SCX500 scanners, 2 x Mania FX2, starcloth and smoke machine with truss

Retro Pack 2 Mania FX2, 2 x light boxes, 12" mirror ball, 2 x pin spots, bubble machine, and truss

Outdoor / Marquee Pack 12 x Battery powered LED uplighters, 2 x 20m festoons cable and adaptors

Wedding Package, a mixture of the above lighting and sound packages

Sound Packages

Indoor Pa. Package 1

Indoor Pa. Package 2

Indoor Pa. Package 3

Outdoor Pa. Package 4



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