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Lighting Effects

Cadenza Moving Effects Projector (2Kw)

Effect Disc - Rain

Effect Disc - Falling Snow

Effect Disc - Fleecy Cloud Disc

Effect Disc - Storm Cloud

Effect Disc - Running Water

Martin Mania EF2

Martin Mania EF3

Martin Mania DC2 Fire Effect

Martin Mania DC3 Oil Effect

Martin Mania SCX500 Scanner

8 Inch Mirror Ball & Rotator

12 Inch Mirror Ball & Rotator

16 Inch Mirror Ball & Rotator

18 Inch Mirror Ball & Rotator

20 Inch Mirror Ball & Rotator

1M Mirror Ball & Heavy Duty Rotator

Ultra-Violet 2Ft Fitting

Ultra-Violet 4Ft Fitting

Ultra-Violet 400Watt Gun

Tubular Ripple 2Kw

Silk Flame Effect Diablo 12" Flame

Silk Flame Effect On Legs 12" Flame

Silk Flame Effect With 3Ft Flame

Silk Flame Effect Very Large 7Ft Flame

Martin Atomic 3000W DMX Strobe (16A Plug)

Martin Atomic Strobe Detonator

STRIKE 882 LED Strobe

Smoke, Haze, Bubble, Wind & Snow

Smoke Machine. Le Maitre Mini Mist

Smoke Machine 1000

Smoke Machine 1500 + Remote & DMX

Smoke Machine Martin 2000

Le Maitre Neutron Haze Machine

Le Maitre MVS Haze Machine

Antari Ice Fog Cooler

Dry Ice Machine

Snow Machine Little Blizzard

Snow Boy Stage Whisper Snow Machine

3Ft Confetti Type Snow Machine

Bubble Machine Large, Z30 DMX

Jem Wind Machine AF1 Fan


Le Maitre 2-Way Pyro Control Box

Pyro 4/8Way Control Box

Le Maitre 6-Way Pyro Control Box

Le Maitre Flash Pod. (Straight)

Le Maitre Streamer Flash Pod (Angled)

Stage Fx Pyrotechnics Firing Pod

Stage Fx Pyrotechnics Auxiliary Pod

Stage Fx Pyrotechnics Angled Pod

10M. Pyro Lead. Plug To Plug

25M. Pyro Lead. Plug To Plug

10M Pyro Lead. Plug - Bare End

25M Pyro Lead. Plug - Bare End

Confetti Canon - Angled

Confetti Canon. Le Maitre Straight

Hand Held CO2 powered Confetti Gun

Steel Bomb Tank For Pyros

The full range of LeMaitre Pyrotecnics are available, please contact us for details.


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